SP525 Frame and Façade Sealant & Adhesive

SP525 is a low modulus sealant with high movement capability, excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates and long-term performance. It is also used for the bonding of ME500 & ME501 Intelligent Window Membranes.
SP525 is ideal for sealing joints in façades, rainscreens and curtain walls, perimeter joints around windows, doors and rooflights, and high movement joints (e.g. modular building). It is also used for the bonding of ME500 & ME501 Intelligent Window Membranes. SP525 will enhance the acoustic performance of a joint, providing up to 61 dB sound reduction.


  • White
  • Concrete grey
  • Black

Key benefits

  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 11600 F 25LM
  • Formulation based on advanced SP polymer technology
  • High movement, rapid curing and extremely low risk of staining*
  • Excellent long-term resistance to weathering, ageing and UV
  • Low modulus formulation ensures minimum stress at joint faces
  • High strength bonding of ME500 & ME501 Intelligent Window Membranes
  • Weather and airtight sealing of ME500 & ME501 Intelligent Window Membranes
  • Provides up to 61 dB sound reduction in a 10 mm wide joint


600 ml sausage (20 per carton)

Technical data

PropertyTest methodResult
Compositionadvanced SP polymer
CategoryEN 15651 part 1Type F-EXT-INT-CC, class 25LM
Fire ClassificationEN13501-1Class E
Specific GravityDIN 52451-A1.5
ConsistencyEN 27390, 20 mm profileNon-sagging
Shore A HardnessDIN 5350525
Skin Forming Timeat +23°C, 50%
Approximately 30 minutes
Cure Rateat +23°C, 50%
3 mm /first day
Tensile StrengthDIN EN ISO
Approx 0.7 N/mm²
Modulus at 100%
BS EN 83390.38 MPa
Elongation at BreakDIN 53504 S2Approximately 550%
Maximum Movement
ISO 1160025%
Elastic RecoveryBS EN ISO 7389 method A74%
Acoustic Insulation61 dB / 10 mm
58 dB / 20 mm
56 dB / 30 mm
+5°C to +40°C
Service Temperature-40°C to +90°C
StorageStore in dry conditions between +5°C and +25°C
Shelf Life12 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers