ME508 Duo Membrane EW/F (Window)

ME508 is a non-woven fleece laminate which is self adhesive across the full width of the membrane for optimised adhesion. The combination of self-adhesives provide options for installing to the window frame edge or face. Used for sealing window connection joints, particularly where wet plaster will be applied. Strong and reliable self-adhesive, allowing bonding to virtually any substrate (eg masonry, concrete, PVC, metal, wood, and all usual insulation materials (EPS, XPS, PUR rigid foam), making application fast and simple. Suitable for internal and external use due to variable sd, however, ideally used internally as an airtight seal in combination with ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD as an external weathertight seal. Complies with the “inside tighter than outside” principle in order to facilitate moisture and vapour control.

Key benefits

  • Quick and easy application with split release liner.
  • Intelligent membrane and adhesive allows for perfect moisture control inside or out.
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Initial repositioning possible, bond strength increases over time.
  • Airtight
  • No loose membrane, can be directly plastered to without cracking.

Technical data

PropertyTest methodResult
Flammability ClassDIN 4102B2 (normal flammability)
Coefficient of Diffusional ResistanceDIN EN ISO12572sd value 0.4 – 20 mm
Resistance to Driving RainEN 1849-2600 Pa
AirtightnessEN 1026<0.1 m³/[h.m(da Pa)n]
Compatibility with Construction MaterialsDIN 52452Fulfills requirements
UV Stability3 months
Length ToleranceDIN 7715P3
Width Tolerance± 2.5 mm
Service Temperature-40°C to +80°C
Application Temperature-5°C to +40°C
StorageStore in shaded, dry conditions
Shelf Life24 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging